Westfield Sport Miata - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get one?
Manik Technologies is the exclusive US dealer for the Miata-based Westfield and we can also sell in Canada and Mexico! In Europe, contact Westfield directly.

Q: Are there any extra costs?
The price includes crating, trans-Atlantic shipping, duties, taxes and insurance.

Q: I'm looking for a Westfield XI or a different Westfield kit. Do you sell them?
Yes, we can provide the Megabusa, XI and Sport 250. Please contact us for details.

Q: Can I buy the kit and find my own donor?
Of course. This is the least expensive option and what this kit was designed for – those most flexibility in parts sourcing.

Q: Can I buy the Miata parts from you?
Not at this time. Our friends over at Flyin Miata offer a wide assortment of parts that would be suitable for a Sport Miata build. This could potentially save you the effort and mess of finding a donor car, stripping it, cleaning the parts and disposing of the remains.

Q: Can I buy a complete car and drive it home?
Yes, we can help you find a suitable professional builder than can complete your Westfield if you do not have the time or space.

Q: Are there any special tools required to assemble the kit?
Nothing too exotic, although you will need a good selection of tools. We highly recommend a pneumatic riveter to save yourself a lot of effort. We've also found that a rivnut tool is very useful, and a right-angle drill attachment helps when reaching a few rivet holes. A few inexpensive hole saws for fiberglass are also required. Welding is not required.

Q: Can I use a 1994/1996/1999/2001/Mazdaspeed MX-5 as the donor?
The kit is available for 1990-93 and 1994-97 models at this point. You can use a 1999-05 as a donor but there may be some modification required and these cars are not supported by the factory. For example, the front uprights have a steering arm that's 7mm higher and this will affect the bump steer unless the rack is spaced upwards. The rear uprights have an extra 10mm of track that may cause tire clearance problems in extreme cases. The instrument cluster is mounted slightly differently, the variable valve timing mechanism and the different intake may cause hood clearance problems. The ECU will likely be upset at the lack of some emissions components such as the gas tank pressurization check. Nothing that can't be solved, but there will be some problem solving involved. We'll help you out as much as we can.

Q: What parts are needed from the donor Miata?
The kit uses the following components from the donor Miata. Sharp eyes will notice that all emissions components can be retained although we're not sure how the catalytic converter is packaged.

Engine and gearbox - complete with inlet tract & exhaust manifold and oxygen sensor
Air box and air flow meter and both pieces of pipe work and retaining clips and air box mounting rubbers
Complete wiring loom, ECU, fuse boxes, dashboard switches, clutch pedal switch, sensors and relays
Instrument panel cluster
Upper steering column including steering wheel, crash pad, indicator stalks, ignition barrel and key and top and bottom cowl
Lower steering column (needs modifying)
Diff and casing complete with rubber mounting bushes and buffer plates
Rear uprights, hubs, discs and calipers including top upright rubber bush still fitted
Handbrake lever and cables, compensator & all fittings including retaining spring clips
Steering rack, track rod end joints and nuts
Front uprights, hubs, discs and calipers
Wheels and tires and wheel nuts
Propshaft (needs modifying)
Driveshafts including joints, lock nuts and hub nuts
Front bottom ball joints including castle nuts
Cooling fan
Side repeaters
Fuel filter and bracket
Carbon canister, pipe work and mounting bracket
Catalyst converter
Interior mirror
Screen washer bottle and pump
Battery and mounting tray including clamp and fixings

Q: Do you have any performance numbers?
Automobile Magazine tested the car when it was fitted with a 1.8 engine. When the tire smoke had dissipated, here's what they discovered. Note that Automobile doesn't subtract a "rollout" time from their acceleration runs, so they are 0.3 seconds slower than if the car had been tested elsewhere. This is a car fitted with a stock 1.8 engine.

As we expected, the 1/4 mile is hampered by the aerodynamics of the car. It takes about as long to get from 0-70 mph as it does to go from 80-100. Of course, if we'd installed the aeroscreen...

0-60: 5.5 seconds
30-70 mph passing: 6.4 seconds
1/4 mile: 14.5 seconds at 94 mph
70-0 braking: 156', 1.16g peak deceleration
Lateral acceleration: 1.15g

Q: What will the final car weigh?
The weight varies depending on options, but it is right around 1300 lbs wet.

Q: What Miata aftermarket upgrades will fit on the Westfield?
We highly recommend Flyin Miata brake upgrade kits, wheel/tire packages, engine internals, differentials and clutches which are all compatible. Intake upgrades, exhaust components, suspension upgrades and cooling upgrades will not fit though. The Flyin Miata turbo kits won't fit without modification, but if you are building your own car, modifications are certainly not outside of the realm of possibilities!

Q: What are all the general specs on the Sport Miata?
Dimensions (Note - the Miata-based kit is a widebody with a lowered floor. In other words, it's about as roomy as this kind of car gets.)
Length: 3340mm (approx)
Width: 1610mm (approx)
Wheelbase: 2325mm (approx)
Weight: 600 kg / 1320 lbs
Track: Same as the donor Miata

Left-hand side passenger compartment: 420mm wide
Right-hand side passenger compartment: 435mm wide
Footwell: 230mm wide
Tapering of footwell begins (from back of passenger compartment): 730mm
Floorpan length: 1300mm
Height of passenger compartment to the chassis siderail: 380mm
Height of footwell: 310mm

Have a different engine in mind?
Width at front chassis triangulation: 600mm
Width at rear bulkhead: 740mm
Chassis depth: 330mm
Engine protrusion below chassis bottom rail - Maximum: 75mm
Engine protrusion above chassis top rail - Maximum: 220mm
V8 Bonnet adds additional engine clearance of: 50mm

Fuel capacity: 7.5 gallons (28 liters)
Optional fuel capacity: 11.9 gallons (45 liters)
Fuel pump flow: 47.5 GPH (3 liters/minute)
Fuel pump pressure: 29-72 psi (2-5 bar)

GAZ shocks with adjustable perches and 20 compression/rebound settings (standard)
Independent suspension front and rear
Westfield-supplied steering rack (quick ratio available)
Rubber/metal suspension bushings (nylon upgrade available)

Body and chassis
Steel spaceframe with load-bearing aluminum panels
Fiberglass panels with colored gel-coat (no paint required, 12 colors available)
Optional one-piece ducted nose and hood
Full weather protection available

Q: Is The Westfield Sport Miata Available In Either Left-Hand Drive Or Right-Hand Drive?
A: The Westfield factory can produce the Sport Miata in either LHD or RHD depending on your needs. Often times a race track with a clockwise diving pattern is more suited to a right-hand drive car.

Q: What Type Of Bodywork Is The Westfield Sport Miata Fitted With?
A: The Sport Miata bodywork is produced in-house at Westfield's own GRP body fabrication facility to ensure a very high level of quality. The Sport Miata's light weight GRP is provided in a pre-polished gel-coat finish. Westfield can also supply an ultra-light weight GRP body kit that is suitable for track use only. There is no additional charge for this track weight bodywork.

Q: Do I Have To Paint The Bodywork?
A: No. The Westfield bodywork is supplied pre-finished in your choice of a gel-coat color. No painting is required, or necessary.

Q: Is The Sport Miata Road Legal In The United States Or Canada?
A: Generally yes. However, due to the many different state and country regulations, a single specific answer cannot be given. However, there are a number of specialty vehicles that have been successfully registered for on-road use by their owners, there should be no reason the Westfield Sport Miata could not be registered for the road. Manik Technologies will assist in every way to get its customers cars on the road.

Each Westfield component kit is supplied with a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin [MSO] which defines the vehicle. Since each state and country has different registration procedures, it is the owner's responsibility to ensure that their completed vehicle is registered in accordance with applicable law.

Q: What About Insurance For The Sport Miata?
A: There are a number of insurance agents who will be able to provide you with "specialty" car insurance. Property and liability insurance for customers of Westfield kits is considered non-traditional, or non-standard insurance. In order to assist a customer with his or her purchase, Manik can provide unsolicited examples of insurance companies that specialize in specialty or kit car insurance. Some of these companies include:

    * American Hobbyist Insurance
    * Classic Automobile Insurance
    * Condon & Skelly
    * Grundy Worldwide
    * Hagerty Insurance
    * Leland West
    * Motorsports Insurance Services
    * Parish Heacock
    * Sneed Insurance
    * JC Taylor
    * Rally Insurance
    * Tri-State Collector Car Insurance Program

Most of the specialty or kit car insurance policies stipulate that as a collector's car, a completed Westfield Sport Miata can only be driven 2,500 miles in a single year, although some policies are more generous than others. This is where the kit car insurance differs from the general automobile insurance. Insurance companies can also offer the customer a 'goods in transit' insurance policy which covers the time from your kit's arrival, through the building process, and finally on the road.

Q: Is There A Warranty?
A: While Westfield and Manik cannot warranty how you build your kit, all Westfield kit car components purchased from Manik and fitted to a Westfield come with a 12-month warranty from date of delivery, subject to the Manik Terms & Conditions.

Q: How Long Will It Take To Receive My Sport Miata Component Kit?
A: Once you have reviewed the materials and have placed your order for a Westfield Sport Miata kit, it typically takes around eighteen weeks for your components to be manufactured and ready for shipment. At this point your kit is picked up by our shipping company at the Westfield factory near Coventry England, packed and crated and brought through customs in the United States. Trans-Atlantic shipping can take four to five weeks, followed by four to five days from the port of entry to a freight terminal near you. From start to finish, your Westfield kit order should take no more than twenty-four to twenty-five weeks to be delivered.

Q: What Issues Will I Face With Shipping Of The Kit?
A: Manik Technologies has made it very easy to acquire a Westfield Sport Miata. All shipping, freight, brokerage, taxes and duties and insurance are already calculated and will be included in the final price of the kit. There will be no hidden fees or surprises when you receive your kit. Produced by craftsmen in England, your kit will be shipped from the Westfield factory to a freight terminal closest to your home or build site. Delivery directly to your home or garage can be arranged on a case-by-case basis at an additional cost. Your kit will arrive in a single, but sizeable, crate. You will need to make arrangements to transport the crate to its final destination in an enclosed truck, or on a trailer. Due to the internal mounting of the bodywork, the crate cannot be placed on its side.

The crate dimensions are approximately:

    * Metric - 3800mm x 1790mm x 1100mm and weighs 600 kilos.
    * Standard - 150" x 71" x 43" and weighs 1,322 lbs.

Q: Can I Purchase A Fully Built 'Turnkey' Car From Manik?
A: Not directly. In order for your Westfield Sport Miata to qualify as an assembled car for registration purposes in the United States, the following three things must happen:

1. Purchase the Westfield Sport Miata component kit from Manik with the options you desire.

2. In a separate transaction, you will need to purchase a Miata engine, transmission, and other donor vehicle parts from any source you like. Manik will be able to suggest a number of companies and places that have the appropriate running gear if you find difficulties. Alternatively, you can purchase a complete donor vehicle for the engine, transmission and other items you will need to complete your build.

3. The final step is to either assemble these components into a car through your own efforts, or to contract with a shop of your choosing to do that assembly for you. There are many shops around the country that will be happy to do that for you. You may therefore have quite a bit to do with the assembly process, or very little depending upon your desires. As a general rule of thumb, Westfield requires 150 hours for a build, plus the procurement time for the parts.

Q: Is the Sport Miata SCCA or NASA Legal For Racing?
A: Yes, the Sport Miata can be run in many racing forums. SCCA has a class for virtually any car that wants to run if it has the proper safety equipment. NASA will also accept the Sport Miata to race in certain classes.

Q: What Is The Process For Purchasing My Westfield Kit?
A: Manik Technologies has made it very easy to acquire a Westfield Sport Miata. Once you are ready to place your order, we will provide you with an order form and other pertinent details. Once we have received the signed order forms and a deposit, your kit order will be placed.

Our pricing policy is simple - the price shown, plus delivery within North America, is the price you pay. Before your purchase, we will fully quote all delivery charges, something most companies in our business leave vague, or ask you to take care of.

We are available to speak with you to help you with ideas, suggestions or explanations about Westfield products and your kit. Our staff is knowledgeable and will be glad to help!