2017 Westfield MegaS2000
U.S. Price: $21,990*
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start your enginesDeveloped at Suzuka, long associated with the Japanese Grand Prix, by the very engineers who helped Honda become a leader in racing, the S2000 engine and gearbox package provides the Westfield builder with an unparalleled power and reliability package.

The evolutionary Westfield chassis was designed specifically for the Mega2000 range, utilizing the front suspension and steering geometry developed for the Westfield Sport Turbo, as well as the elegant chassis race-perfected by Westfield over the past 30 years of vehicle production. Over 20,000 miles of testing and an investment of more than half a million Pounds have provided Westfield with a sensational car nicely complemented by the Honda's powerful, yet reliable race-inspired VTEC drivetrain.

Produced in England, the MegaS2000 is an evolution of the highly developed Westfield lightweight racing chassis, that features extra bracing and a detachable engine mounting frame to make it one of the stiffest and lightest chassis available from Westfield.



Power from the Honda's F20C VTEC engine is designed to peak at an astonishing 8,300 RPM, with maximum torque arriving slightly before. In a vehicle that weighs little more than 1,200 lbs, there is little else on the road that can compete. Westfield's monster disc brake packages ensure the MegaS2000 is kept on the line - never over.

The S2000's close-ratio gearing ensures strong performance in every gear. Shift throws are short and direct, with double- and triple-cone synchronizers helping reduce the effort. The Honda's shifter is mounted directly on top of the transmission case to help eliminate play in the linkage and provide optimum feel when changing gears. The transmission and entire drivetrain were designed to be as lightweight as possible, incorporating alloy housings instead of cast iron, which makes your Westfield more responsive and increases the driver's feel for the road. Drifting has never been so easy.

The limits of the MegaS2000 are very high. Lots of rubber relative to mass, a super low center of gravity and a firm, but forgiving twin-wishbone suspension front and rear keeping everything locked to the ground. An Independent Rear Suspension and optional LSD compliment the radical design.




Engine & Gearbox: The Westfield Mega S2000 has been exclusively designed to utilize Honda's Legendary 240 horsepower 2.0 Liter DOHC-VTEC Engine and 6 Speed Gearbox.
Final drive: 3.92:1 / 3.62 optional LSD
Steering: Rack and pinion
Lock: 2.5 turns
Brakes: Disc brakes all round
Fuel Tank capacity: 7.5 gal / 28.4 liters
Suspension: Independent wishbones with adjustable shock absorbers
Wheel base size: 95" / 2413mm
Overall Length: 144" / 3660mm
Overall width: 63" / 1610mm
Weight road trim: from 1,220lb / 555kg



Westfield MegaS2000 Honda VTEC Engine Rocker Cover





Orders for the Westfield MegaS2000 are currently being taken. Deposits of 50% are required to secure your name on the production list. If you are interested in purchasing a Westfield kit, please send us an e-mail or call us with your contact information and we will send to you all the necessary details. Please feel free to consult our Westfield MegaS2000 FAQ to help answer any questions you may have.


U.S. Price: $21,990, plus applicable freight charges

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