The following vehicles are generally known to us, although we may have not seen all in person. If you would like to list your relevant vehicle please contact us. There is a listing fee of $50 and the listing is subject to prior approval.

Lotus Fifteen Project - SOLD

Comprised of a ‘Lotus 11’ chassis, a set of aluminum panels for the chassis, a set of Lotus Fifteen fiberglass bodywork (pulled from a real Lotus Fifteen – not an approximation made in someone’s shed), and a Lotus Fifteen aeroscreen (3-piece - new), this project is ready to be completed.

The new owner will find it necessary to fabricate, weld and also mount the bodywork to the chassis. Lights, wiring, seating, steering and braking arrangements will need to be made. This is not a ready-to-build kit.

Also Included is a Mazda MX-5 Miata 1.6L engine and gearbox for mockup purposes (it may run just fine, but has never been tested); as well as a pair of Mazda MX-5 Miata front uprights and disc brake assemblies. The original goal on the part of our client was to build a Lotus 11/Lotus Fifteen with more modern running gear, but to stay true to the original Lotus spirit (hence the choice of Mazda’s version of the Lotus Twincam engine).

A suitable rear axle could come from a Mazda RX-7 that has been narrowed in order to fit the Lotus Fifteen’s track. Benefits of the RX-7 rear axle are (a) integrated disc brakes, and (b) possible LSD fitment depending on the configuration of the original Mazda part.

Choice of suspension configuration is open, as is the final drivetrain. The original Lotus Fifteen that this bodywork was taken had been fitted with a Buick V8 during its life. Although I would hope to discourage this option in lieu of a saner 4-cylinder variant, the new owner has that option.

We are happy to help arrange freight shipping for this worldwide. It is very likely that the final, crated dimensions will be: 148in x 66in x 44in and 970 lbs.

This Lotus Fifteen project is being sold with a bill of sale only – there is no MSO that can be supplied, nor is there any chassis plate.

Please contact Tom for details.

Color: unpainted
Odometer: zero
Engine: Mazda 1.6L
Transmission: Mazda 5-speed
Suspension, Wheels & Tires: n/a
Interior: n/a
Exterior: Fiberglass
History: This Lotus Fifteen project was acquired in England by a client of Manik 5+ years ago. It has not been attended to in that time, and is now for sale.
Location: Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas.

Grp 4 Stratos kit - SOLD

** PENDING Rolling Chassis Build **

This Napiersport 'Group 4' Corse kit is complete, as supplied by Napiersport to the U.S. back in 2002. It is unbuilt, and ready for completion. A large assortment of donor parts necessary to finish the Corse build are included with the kit. A complete list of included parts is available upon request.

Although originally supplied as a RHD car, this kit has been converted to LHD by Manik Technologies. The Corse chassis has been painted and the factory-supplied suspension can be hung in anticipation of wheels being added to create a rolling chassis. Group 4 bodywork and dash are included with the kit.

At present, this Corse kit is being built into a rolling chassis. A buyer can choose to have the kit fully built to their specifications prior to delivery or pickup in person.

Please contact Tom for details.

Color: unpainted
Odometer: zero
Engine: Alfa V6 setup
Transmission: Afla transaxle setup
Suspension, Wheels & Tires: Fully independent; can be fitted with 15" wheels at the customer's discretion.
Interior: Rally-spec
Exterior: Fiberglass
Car History: This Stratos kit was purchased and imported to the U.S. in 2002. It has remained unbuilt ever since. To our knowledge, this is the only unbuilt Corse kit in North America.
Vehicle Location: Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas.

Westfield 'Pre-Lit' Seven - SOLD

1984 Westfield 'Pre-Lit' Seven. A recreation of the Series 3 Lotus Seven, this left-hand drive Westfield is chassis #7 (any Prisoner Fans out there?) of 130 pre-litigation Westfield Sevens ever made. The engine is a Ford Cortina 1600 cc crossflow with twin carburetors. It has a 5 gallon fuel tank and solid state fuel pump. The steel spaceframe, aluminum sides and bonnet, and glassfibre nosecone, cycle wings and fenders are original. I have the original cloth top although it has never been installed, as well as the metal frame to support it. For anyone who appreciates the history for the Seven this is a fabulous car. The asking price includes original documentation including correspondence from Chris Smith (founder of Westfield). Registered for the road in the State of Maine.

Color: BRG / Alloy
Odometer: unknown
Engine: 1.6 Ford Crossflow w/ twin Weber carbs
Transmission: 2000E close ratio 4 speed & 3.9 diff.
Suspension, Wheels & Tires: Fully independent; Daytona P185-60R14 on 14" alloy knock-offs.
Interior: Minimal black & green vinyl with read seat cushion.
Exterior: Aluminum and fiberglass
Car History: Maintenance has been consistent re oil changes, lubrication etc.  The clutch master and slave cylinders were rebuilt/replaced summer of 2008, the distributor replaced with electronic ignition and starter rebuilt summer of 2007.  Everything is in good working order, although the car is 25+ years old.
Vehicle Location: Wells, Maine

Westfield XI - SOLD

This Westfield XI has been in several magazines, including Road & Track, Autoweek and Car & Driver to name a few. This car was professionally built to a very high standard, and includes a number of factory options and engine improvements. An exhaustive list of all new parts, reconditioned parts and engine modifications is available upon request. The period 12" steering wheel is mounted on a quick-release hub, and footbox area enlarged for those with larger feet. Easily accommodates drivers over 6' in height. Currently registered for the street on vintage license plates. This car can be shipped internationally at the buyer's discretion.

Please contact Tom for details.

Color: Westfield Racing Green
Odometer: approx 3,000 since total rebuild of engine.
Engine: 1275 'A' Series (1330cc overbore) w/ twin SU Carbs and an oil cooler. Block has been line bored, hot street cam, etc.
Transmission: Type 9 5-speed & 3.90 diff.
Suspension, Wheels & Tires: Factory coil over shocks, anti-roll bar; 13" wire wheels with 165x80x13 tires.
Interior: Bench seat with seat squabs
Exterior: Polished gel-coat with white roundel decals
Car History: The very first 'Series II' Westfield XI registered for the road in North America. Built to a very high spec, with reliability as the key factor, this is a one owner car from new.
Vehicle Location: Dallas, TX


Westfield Sport Miata - SOLD

2007 Westfield Mazda Sport. This was the second Mazda Sport to enter the USA. The Westfield stand at the 2007 Carlisle show featured this very car and received lots of praise from various magazines. Autopro Motorsport (USA) built the car to a very high standard using refurbished donor components from a 1992 1.6 Miata (with the preferred long nose crank). Having covered only 1750 miles since completion in May 2007 , the car is in virtually unmarked condition. Many options were fitted including Removable rear wheel arches, Westfield shift knob, long range fuel tank, quick rack, nylon suspension bushings, powder coating, 3 inch 5 point harnesses, trimmed race seats, trunk tonneau, RAC roll bar, and a quick release steering wheel.Also has a heated windshield which is a standard Westfield feature on this car.Road legal and comes with a NC title.

NCS88410 B6834250
Color: Orange
Odometer: approx 1,750
Engine: 1.6 16v, fuel injected Mazda
Transmission: Miata 5 speed
Suspension: Fully independent.
Interior: Black carpet, black vinyl trimmed race seats with orange piping.
Exterior: Orange gel coat.
Vehicle Location: Raleigh, NC