Westfield MegaS2000 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is The Honda S2000?
A: The Honda S2000 is a roadster that was manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company. It was launched in April 1999 and was created to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. The car was first shown as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995, following which it was launched in world markets in 1999. The S2000 is named for its engine displacement of 2 Liters, carrying on in the tradition of the S500, S600, and S800 roadsters of the 1960s. The S2000 held the record for the highest horsepower per liter for any NA piston road production car for 10 years until the introduction of the Ferrari 458. Several revisions were made throughout the car's lifetime, including changes to the engine, gearbox, suspension and interior and exterior. Officially two variants exist: the initial launch model was given the chassis code AP1, while the AP2 designation was given to vehicles produced from mid-2003 onwards.

The Westfield MegaS2000 is a front-engined two-seater sports car, developed as a road or track tool of domination.

Q: How Complex Is The Westfield MegaS2000 To Build? What Tools Will I Need? How Long Will The MegaS2000 Take To Build? Are There Any Steps In The Build That Are Particularly Difficult?
A: This will certainly depend on your level of skill, but as a general rule, the Westfield MegaS2000 has been designed as a component kit that can be assembled simply and quickly, with a minimum of complications and a maximum amount of fun.

Westfield estimates that construction of your MegaS2000 component kit by someone with previous assembly experience will require 150-160 hours of work. A standard set of shop tools will be required, and a specific list can be found within the build manual.

Setting aside the acquisition of the Honda F20C engine, gearbox and engine wiring harness, there is one specific task that must be attended to. The Honda S2000 engine wiring harness must be modified to work with the Westfield-supplied OMEX ECU. This involves removing a number of unused leads, lengthening other leads, and modifying certain connectors to adapt the engine for use in the MegaS2000. The modification to the harness will be performed by the Westfield factory at no additional charge, other than postage.

Q: What Is Supplied In The Westfield MegaS2000 Component Kit?
Epoxy coated fully triangulated tubular space frame chassis (LHD or RHD)
Full Set of Bodywork With Fixed Rear Arches and Ducted Bonnet
Epoxy Coated wishbone suspension, shocks & springs
Complete Stressed Aluminum Panel Set including Fixing Rivets (unfitted)
Pedal box assembly with master cylinders
Brake pipe kit
Differential and complete drive shaft assemblies
Fabricated alloy front and rear uprights with hubs
Exhaust system, including manifold, cat and silencer
Radiator & cooling system
Brake calipers, brake discs & pads
Steering wheel (12 inch) & hub
Race seats
Safety harnesses
Dash & instruments
Fuel tank & pump
Build manual
-- A complete detailed parts list is available upon request --

Q: What Are The Westfield MegaS2000 Component Kit Options?
A: While the Westfield MegaS2000 comes from the factory with an already outstanding set of features, some owners who are seeking a track-only experience may choose to upgrade their MegaS2000 to include the following:
Nylon Suspension Bushings (Upgrade)
Front Anti Roll Bar (used with standard front track)
Rear Anti Roll Bar
Reynolds Tubing Wide Track Front Suspension With Front Anti Roll Bar
Racing 4 Pot Brake Calipers (Upgrade)
Limited Slip Differential (Upgrade)
Nitron Competition Shocks and Springs (Upgrade)
Black Epoxy Powder Coated Aluminum Panels
Detachable Rear Wheel Arches
Long-Range 45 liter fuel tank - (Upgrade)
Quick Release Motorsport Steering Wheel & Boss (Upgrade)
Stack Combined Tachometer (Upgrade)
4 Point 3-inch Harnesses (Upgrade)
RAC Specification Roll Bar (Upgrade)
Trimmed Racing Seats (Vinyl - Upgrade)
1/2 or Full Tonneau Cover
-- A complete detailed options list is available upon request --

Q: What Other Parts Or Materials Will I Need To Finish My Westfield MegaS2000 Kit?
A: As with any other vehicle build, there are a few consumables that will be used during construction - silicone sealant, oil, grease, brake fluid, etc. Aside from those standard build items you will only need the following two groups of items to complete your build:

- Honda S2000 engine, gearbox, engine wiring harness, alloy engine mounts, alternator, shift knob and rear gearbox mounting
- Wheels & Tires (available as an option from Westfield)

Q: Do I Need A Donor Vehicle For The Engine, Transmission And Other Parts?
A: Not necessarily. While there are a selection of used Honda S2000s available that would make ideal donors, Manik Technologies can help you locate used, rebuilt or race-prepared engines & transmissions, wiring harness and other parts needed to complete the MegaS2000. However, many people find it simpler and less expensive to purchase individual components locally, or from their own stockpile of parts in the garage. The Westfield MegaS2000 has been designed to be as flexible as possible, in terms of engine sourcing.

Q: What Parts Are Needed From A Honda S2000 or Other Source?
Complete Engine & Gearbox
All standard sensors and engine loom
Alloy engine mounts
Shift Knob
Rear gearbox mounting

Q: Which Honda Engine From the S2000 Should I Choose?
A: Any AP1 and AP2 (F20C & F22C) Honda engine from the years 2000 - 2005 [not 2006 - 2009]. S2000 engines from 2006-2009 use a Drive-By-Wire throttle system as opposed to a simple, and physical 'pull' on the throttle cable. These later engines are not compatible with the Westfield-supplied OMEX ECU and kit-specific installation.

Q: What Are The Specs on the Honda 6-Speed Gearbox?
A: The Honda S2000 6-speed gearbox provides the following forward speed ratios:

1st 3.133
2nd 2.045
3rd 1.481
4th 1.161
5th 0.943
6th 0.763

In 2004 Honda upgraded the gearbox with different gear ratios and improved case rigidity. Honda also redesigned the clutch and clutch case.

Q: Is The Westfield MegaS2000 Available In Either Left-Hand Drive Or Right-Hand Drive?
A: The Westfield factory can produce the MegaS2000 in either LHD or RHD depending on your needs. Often times a race track with a clockwise diving pattern is more suited to a right-hand drive car.

Q: What Is The Ground Clearance Of The MegaS2000?
A: The suspension of the Westfield MegaS2000 is adjustable, but from a design standpoint the MegaS2000 rides very low to the ground. Uneven road surfaces or curbs will pose as more of an issue than with a 'traditional' road-going car. Typical road setup on 13" wheels calls for a front ride height from chassis of 114 mm, and a rear ride height from chassis of 133 mm.

Q: What Are The Dimensions Of The Westfield MegaS2000?
Wheel base size: 127" / 3225mm
Front track size: 57" / 1448mm
Rear track size: 56" / 1422mm
Overall length: 131" / 3340mm
Overall width: 63" / 1610mm
Height: 43" / 1100mm
Weight: From 1,200lb / 544kg

Q: What Wheels Are Fitted To The MegaS2000?
A: Westfield has designed the MegaS2000 around the use of 15” lightweight alloy wheels of your choice, mated with either 195/50x15 or 205/50x15 tires. Stock fitment is 15x7 ET40 in front; and 15x7 ET24 in rear.

The PCD (bolt pattern) is 4x108mm (& 63.3mm center bore) and the offset can range from 23mm to 38mm. A selection of wheels is available from Westfield.

Q: Can I Fit 17" or 20" Rims On The Megas2000?
A: The short answer is, no. Westfield have designed the suspension and bodywork around a wheel that is 15" in diameter.

The reason comes down to the fact that a flyweight vehicle like a Westfield runs very low tire pressures (16-18psi cold). When a tire distorts, you want that distortion to occur in the sidewall not in the contact patch. When a tire with short stiff sidewalls, but running very low pressure distorts, the path of least resistance is the contact patch, not the sidewalls. Consequently the tread buckles up in the middle and you have less rubber on the road. With taller, softer sidewalls, the sidewalls offer the path of least resistance and the contact patch does not distort.

Bigger wheels may look better in the eyes of some, but they ruin the handling, steering feel, and ride of these cars.

Q: Is There Room For A Spare Tire?
A: The MegaS2000, like any car in the Westfield range, can be fitted with a spare tire on the rear of the bodywork. However, most owners find the increased weight a disadvantage in terms of performance, and opt to forego a spare in favor of a cell phone, or a 'fix-a-flat-in-a-can' product. Most MegaS2000 owners find this an exceedingly acceptable tradeoff.

Q: What Type Of Bodywork Is The Westfield MegaS2000 Fitted With?
A: The MegaS2000 bodywork is produced in-house at Westfield's own GRP body fabrication facility to ensure a very high level of quality. The MegaS2000's light weight GRP is provided in a pre-polished gel-coat finish. Westfield can also supply an ultra-light weight GRP body kit that is suitable for track use only. There is no additional charge for this track weight bodywork.

Q: Do I Have To Paint The Bodywork?
A: No. The MegaS2000 bodywork is supplied pre-finished in your choice of a gel-coat color. No painting is required, or necessary.

Q: Does The MegaS2000 Come With A Windshield?
A: The MegaS2000 is supplied standard with a race-tested aeroscreen for both performance and aerodynamic efficiency. An optional heated windshield and wiper assembly can be supplied by Westfield depending on a customer's needs.

Q: Does The MegaS2000 Have A Roll Bar Or Roll Cage?
A: Westfield supplies a standard roll hoop with the MegaS2000, with the option of a RAC-approved roll bar upgrade, or a full FIA/MSA roll cage for those owners wanting an all-out race spec vehicle.

Q: What Seats And Interior Come Standard In The MegaS2000?
A: The MegaS2000 is supplied with two fiberglass shell racing seats and a spartan interior. The racing seats can be optionally trimmed in your choice of vinyl colors, with different base, insert and piping colors, or a Carbon FIA Approved race seats as an option. For touring, customers may opt for the more traditional Sport or Sport Turbo seats. Racing seat dimensions and sample color patterns can be found on the SEATS page.

Q: Where Can I Source Replacement Parts?
A: The entire range of MegaS2000 chassis parts are available directly from Westfield Sportscars. Additionally, service parts for the Honda engine and gearbox can be sourced directly from any Honda dealer, or any local parts house.

Q: Will I Fit Into The MegaS2000?
A: While the cockpit is understandably tight, someone that is just over 6 feet tall can fit comfortably. The GRP racing seats may be a bit narrow for larger persons, but a customer can fit his or her own seat as necessary. Dropped floorpans are supplied as standard directly beneath the seat mounting area provide even further headroom options for MegaS2000 owners, although this option is not suitable for cars with 13" wheels.

Passenger Compartment Dimensions
(all measurements approximate)
Left-hand side passenger compartment: 420mm wide
Right-hand side passenger compartment: 435mm wide
Footwell: 230mm wide
Tapering of Footwell begins (from back of passenger compartment): 730mm
Floorpan length: 1300mm
Height of passenger compartment to the chassis siderail: 380mm
Height of footwell: 310mm

Q: Is The MegaS2000 Road Legal In The United States Or Canada?
A: Generally yes. However, due to the many different state and country regulations, a single specific answer cannot be given. However, there are a number of specialty vehicles that have been successfully registered for on-road use by their owners, there should be no reason the Westfield MegaS2000 could not be registered for the road. Manik Technologies will assist in every way to get its customers cars on the road.

Each Westfield MegaS2000 component kit is supplied with a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin [MSO] which defines the vehicle. Since each state and country has different registration procedures, it is the owner's responsibility to ensure that their completed vehicle is registered in accordance with applicable law.

Q: What About Insurance For The MegaS2000?
A: There are a number of insurance agents who will be able to provide you with "specialty" car insurance. Property and liability insurance for customers of Westfield kits is considered non-traditional, or non-standard insurance. In order to assist a customer with his or her purchase, Manik can provide unsolicited examples of insurance companies that specialize in specialty or kit car insurance. Some of these companies include:

    * American Hobbyist Insurance
    * Classic Automobile Insurance
    * Condon & Skelly
    * Grundy Worldwide
    * Hagerty Insurance
    * Leland West
    * Motorsports Insurance Services
    * Parish Heacock
    * Sneed Insurance
    * JC Taylor
    * Rally Insurance
    * Tri-State Collector Car Insurance Program

Most of the specialty or kit car insurance policies stipulate that as a collector's car, a completed Westfield MegaS2000 can only be driven 2,500 miles in a single year, although some policies are more generous than others. This is where the kit car insurance differs from the general automobile insurance. Insurance companies can also offer the customer a 'goods in transit' insurance policy which covers the time from your kit's arrival, through the building process, and finally on the road.

Q: Is There A Warranty?
A: While Westfield and Manik cannot warranty how you build your kit, all Westfield kit car components purchased from Manik and fitted to a Westfield come with a 12-month warranty from date of delivery, subject to the Manik Terms & Conditions.

Q: How Long Will It Take To Receive My MegaS2000 Component Kit?
A: Once you have reviewed the materials and have placed your order for a Westfield MegaS2000 kit, it typically takes around eighteen weeks for your components to be manufactured and ready for shipment. At this point your kit is picked up by our shipping company at the Westfield factory near Coventry England, packed and crated and brought through customs in the United States. Trans-Atlantic shipping can take four to five weeks, followed by four to five days from the port of entry to a freight terminal near you. From start to finish, your Westfield kit order should take no more than twenty-four to twenty-five weeks to be delivered.

Q: What Issues Will I Face With Shipping Of The Kit?
A: Manik Technologies has made it very easy to acquire a Westfield MegaS2000. All shipping, freight, brokerage, taxes and duties and insurance are already calculated and will be included in the final price of the kit. There will be no hidden fees or surprises when you receive your kit. Produced by craftsmen in England, your kit will be shipped from the Westfield factory to a freight terminal closest to your home or build site. Delivery directly to your home or garage can be arranged on a case-by-case basis at an additional cost. Your kit will arrive in a single, but sizeable, crate. You will need to make arrangements to transport the crate to its final destination in an enclosed truck, or on a trailer. Due to the internal mounting of the bodywork, the crate cannot be placed on its side.

The crate dimensions are approximately:

    * Metric - 3800mm x 1790mm x 1100mm and weighs 600 kilos.
    * Standard - 150" x 71" x 43" and weighs 1,322 lbs.

Q: Can I Purchase A Fully Built 'Turnkey' Car From Manik?
A: Not directly. In order for your Westfield MegaS2000 to qualify as an assembled car for registration purposes in the United States, the following three things must happen:

1. Purchase the Westfield MegaS2000 component kit from Manik with the options you desire.

2. In a separate transaction, you will need to purchase a Honda S2000 engine, transmission, and wiring harness from any source you like. Manik will be able to suggest a number of companies and places that have the appropriate running gear if you find difficulties. Alternatively, you can purchase a complete donor vehicle for the engine, transmission and other items you will need to complete your build.

3. The final step is to either assemble these components into a car through your own efforts, or to contract with a shop of your choosing to do that assembly for you. There are many shops around the country that will be happy to do that for you. You may therefore have quite a bit to do with the assembly process, or very little depending upon your desires. As a general rule of thumb, Westfield requires 150 hours for a build, plus the procurement time for the parts.

Q: Is the MegaS2000 SCCA or NASA Legal For Racing?
A: Yes, the MegaS2000 can be run in many racing forums. SCCA has a class for virtually any car that wants to run if it has the proper safety equipment. NASA will also accept the MegaS2000 to race in certain classes.

Q: What Is The Process For Purchasing My Westfield Kit?
A: Manik Technologies has made it very easy to acquire a Westfield MegaS2000. Once you are ready to place your order, we will provide you with an order form and other pertinent details. Once we have received the signed order forms and a deposit, your kit order will be placed.

Our pricing policy is simple - the price shown, plus delivery within North America, is the price you pay. Before your purchase, we will fully quote all delivery charges, something most companies in our business leave vague, or ask you to take care of.

We are available to speak with you to help you with ideas, suggestions or explanations about Westfield products and your kit. Our staff is knowledgeable and will be glad to help!