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Arranging the delivery of a Westfield Sport Miata Component Kit or a Westfield XI Component Kit into Canada is an easily achievable process. Although delivery of a kit to a Canadian customer is slightly more logistically complicated due to limitations and restrictions in the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act, we have developed a specific "Canadian Starter Kit" to fully comply with the Act, as well as Transport Canada's Road Safety Directorate.

Based on a donor vehicle concept, our Westfield Canadian Starter Kits allow any builder the chance to construct a superb machine for the road, or track.

Once you have chosen your ideal kit configuration, Manik will provide a series of documents and detailed parts listings that are submitted directly to Transport Canada for a letter of approval.

Once approved, it is only at this point that a deposit is placed, and the process of manufacturing your kit begins at the Westfield factory in England. Through our partnerships in Canada, we can also advise and help you source any necessary parts required for your build from within Canada itself, requiring no further importation into Canada.

Manik Technologies has historically worked closely with a select number of independent Build Centers who assemble and custom-finish our Westfield component vehicles for those customers who are either unable to finish their build, or simply choose not to turn a wrench. These Build Centers offer a range of quality services, from starter kit assembly and custom-finishing to maintenance, repairs, and in some cases, assist the customer with local registration.

Please note - each "Build Center" is independently owned and operated. Each Build Center is wholly responsible for the quality of the workmanship it delivers, for the timeliness of the work it does, for staying within each project's budget and for maintaining quality customer relations. Builders should exercise due diligence when selecting a Build Center to work with (i.e. ask for references); Manik Technologies is not responsible in any way for any aspect of an independent agreement between a builder (Manik customer) and any of the Build Centers we recommend.

We invite you to explore your Westfield build options and services with FerroSmith Autosports - conveniently located in Winkler, Manitoba.

There are just 4 easy steps to drive your own "turn-key" Westfield design!

1) Pick your model;

2) Order your starter kit from Manik Technologies;

3) Lock-in a custom program with a "Build-Center";

4) Drive your custom-finished Westfield home or sit back and have it delivered!


To date, we have successfully supplied a great number of starter kits to multiple provinces in Canada.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for any additional information on our Westfield Canadian Starter Kits.


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